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Rev2 local control off - audio characteristics change from stereo to weird mono

Playing the REV.2 61 with local control off produces weird and unusable sound.

I effectively lose the rich stereo field when I switch local control off and cannot imagine why there should be connection between normal stereo field and the local control toggle on/off, but there is.

Is this a known issue? An unavoidable characteristic of the firmware?

With local control off, I use the Soundtower Librarian via MIDI cable and can toggle the pan settings live for both Rev.2 layers. The characteristics of the sound output of the Rev.2 when local control is turned off is that a previously rich full stereo output (on any patch in the bank) becomes a lop sided loud one channel quiet the other audio field, both in monitors using the feed from the 2 layers combined L/R outputs or listening via direct connect headphones.

By clicking the pan control in the librarian I can toggle this lopsided left right volumes live to a lop sided right left volumes. Plus when I toggle on mono using the librarian the sounds move dead centre in the stereo field, so what local control turned off is producing is neither full balanced volume stereo or proper mono, it's a weird unusable lopsided stereo with barely any volume in one channel that can be reversed to the opposite channel but not improved.

Using the keys on the rev.2 or keys on another MIDI controller produces identical dodgy audio results.

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Sounds like you might have a midi loop happening. They can represent themselves in all sorts of ways. Most common is doubling of notes. First try removing any and all usb/midi connections and test the behavior. Is the synth itself behaving as it should? Then add 1 thing at a time to start troubleshooting. (1. Controller if using one, 2. Editor, etc...)

When I use my editor, (Codeknobs) I have the usb talking to the editor only. Midi 5 pin handles everything else. (notes, controllers, clock) The Rev2 Globals need to be set properly for this to work. 

Sounds like you might have a midi loop happening.

Thanks, I believe you were correct.

I didn't get an exact proof, but the characteristics you described made sense and I got full stereo the following day in local mode turned of off with a slightly different MIDI setup. Each time I open the DAW I start with a blank slate and end up with  a different combination of MIDI routings. So whatever routings I had on that fateful day probably created a MIDI loop. If it happens again I can probably narrow it down. For now everything's fine. Regards. Ian