Solved: Osc 3 Detuned after Update

Solved: Osc 3 Detuned after Update
« on: July 13, 2021, 11:28:16 PM »

There appears to be a glitch related to the latest update. I think my previous OS was v1.1.0.0
Decided to update today via USB and Midi-OX. First attempt of sending the sysex file did not appear to have any effect. My Pro3 was in the Global menu. Pressing the Global button again to get me out of that menu, I tried sending the sysex file again. The process began and the update was reportedly successful.

But now every preset has Osc 3 detuned to the equivalent of about -200, even though all Pitch knobs are set to 0. I need to compensate about +200 with the Pitch knob (Fine Tune) to get all three oscillators in tune. It's as if Osc 3 is globally lowered in pitch one semitone.

I loaded up an init or Basic Program, press a key on the keyboard, hear the pitch of Osc 1 at default settings. I turn up Osc 3 which should be in tune, but again, it's waaaay out of tune and needs the Pitch knob +200 to bump it up to the pitch of Osc 1. This is not at all the behavior of this synth I experienced before the update.

How best to proceed? Is there anything I can do? Should I try loading a previous OS version?
Thank you very much!

Edit: Oh no! How embarrassing! The 3. Calibrate VCOs & Filters command fixed this!
You must understand! It's brand spanking new! I just got this beauty in the mail today!
Love love love the new divided up Global menu layout, btw.
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I've told you before, Ryan. If one makes it, it's a victory.