Low output on Output A left channel?

Low output on Output A left channel?
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Hi all,

Hopefully somebody more knowledgeable can assist. i'm posting here on behalf of my band's keyboardist, who has had an issue with the output of the left channel on output A. The output is significantly quieter than any of the other outputs (output A right channel and output B left and right channels all have consistent, strong output levels). We suspected it to be a jack issue; however, after swapping the jack on the PCB, I am still experiencing the same issue.

What's going on? Is this something further up the chain internally, or is this as simple as something like a global pan that he set and forgot about? While I am experienced with guitar wiring and signal flow, synths are a total mess to my brain. Consider me a total beginner with the prophet 12. I can replace components, if needed, but am hoping this is a simple fix that was missed when trying to diagnose. Please forgive my ignorance and thanks in advance!

Re: Low output on Output A left channel?
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Are you going into a mixer board?  Not to be overly simple, but it could be the mixer itself.  I have  a mixer that gradually got to the point where on two of its stereo channels have noticeable difference between L/R.  I just adjust the input gain on each channel and then it comes in fairly close for each synth I plug into those channels.  The other channels balances on the mixer are fine.
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Re: Low output on Output A left channel?
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Hi guys.

JayF, did you figure this out?
I am experiencing the same problem you have. I have tried Apollo X4, Apollo X16 and RME Fireface UFXII so Im sure its not a soundcard/mixer problem. I guess balancing the outputs with gain is an option but would be great to figure this out so I won't have to worry if the synth is recording the correct way. Im attaching a screenshot of my mixer.