Arpeggiator auto latch

Arpeggiator auto latch
« on: June 23, 2021, 05:11:11 PM »
Hey everyone,

Alright I must be doing something wrong...

Prophet 12 Keyboard OS 1.4.1 (I have downloaded, just never installed it).

If I'm reading the manual correctly, on page 38 it says with ARPEGGIATOR ON, HOLD ON, LOCK NOTES OFF:
- AUTO LATCH OFF: as you press more keys, notes are added to the arpeggio (i.e. notes are never removed from the arpeggio... until you switch HOLD to OFF that is);
- AUTO LATCH ON: when you release ALL the keys, then press at least one new key, all notes are released and replaced with the new notes.

I'm want to be able to play a chord and have the P12 continue to arpeggiate this chord after I take may hand off the keyboard until I play a new chord, and then the P12 should arpeggiate the new chord. I can't get it to do that no matter what. Instead it keeps adding new notes to the arpeggio until I switch HOLD to OFF.

I also have MIDI Arp Notes OFF in globals if that makes a difference, and nothing coming in through MIDI.

Help? Thanks.


Well, I think I just figured it out but will capture this here for future readers...

I'm always afraid I'll brick my unit because of a bad SysEx transfer, which is why I procrastinated and had not yet installed the latest OS. But I finally did install it now, and the arpeggiator now works as expected. Perhaps this was a bug in OS 1.4.1? I was sort of suspecting this was the case, and was hoping that someone would confirm my suspicion...

So, there you have it, if you're still running OS 1.4.1 and the arpeggiator is not working as described in the manual, you should consider upgrading to the latest OS.


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