Visualize your Wavetable /Filtersweep

Visualize your Wavetable /Filtersweep
« on: June 21, 2021, 06:10:14 AM »
As i've been an euro(c)rack addict I was spoiled with little screens that showed me waveforms (like on a Piston Honda MK3)
After that I bought a DATA module to visualize all the different aspects of CV and sound.
I learned to use my computer to get even more visualisations of my sounds /  signal forms, spectrum analyze
and oscilloscope.

As I posted this on FB; I can imagine not everyone has FB, so i'll drop it here too!

I use my MBP and a rusty ol' propellerhead Balance Audio interface.
As I need some software to run the Balance "anyway" (in order to make some in-out connection) I choose:

VCV rack (Google it, its free and quitte self explainable)
If you never used Eurorack it "can" be confusing, I'll admit.

Not sure if the attachements are uploaded too.
But this really opens up the way I like to have a visual reference of sound instead of some dead numbers in a tiny screen.
I have my little oscilloscope and spectrum analyzers back and its great!
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Re: Visualize your Wavetable /Filtersweep
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Off course you can make an dedicated channel for each stereo outout too! Even more visual fun!

Re: Visualize your Wavetable /Filtersweep
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You can also send the audio of an oscillator via the CV outs, which lets you see the wave form before any filtering.