If your Prophet is out of Tune (Master Tune), do this

If your Prophet is out of Tune (Master Tune), do this
« on: May 31, 2021, 02:44:55 AM »
Hi all,

First of all - that is a non expected behaviour, so reach out to Sequential support support@sequential.com to keep them informed about this happening. Maybe it is just me, but if it happens to others more frequently it might also be a bug.

my Prophet-10 was out of tune (high by more than a semi tone) comparing it to the build in A440 reference. I recognized it today and it puzzled me. It was never out of tune before (just detuned OSC that can get fixed by running the calibration routine). It just happend today as I turned it on. The only thing I did was not turnining it on for a month or so (maybe it was mad at me). I was for a longer time on 1.5.0 already.

I tried the auto tune - but to no avail. The Master tune knob could not even get it back in tune. I would need to set the OSC Frequency to B-0 (or any B) to be able to get it into tune.

So I updated to 1.5.2 - no change.
As I have read in another thread, I calibrated my wheels - no change, they were pretty much calibrated. (See Appendix B on how to do that).
Finally I have cleared the calibration, which finally did the job.

I do not understand why clearing the calibration will fix it, and why tuning does not fix it.

So wanted to let you know, if you ever come into this situation. I will still open a support case on the same, that support can keep it under monitoring if that happens to others. My question is actually, why does it happen all of a sudden and can only get fixed with a tuning clearing. strange.
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Re: If your Prophet is out of Tune (Master Tune), do this
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Hi all, an update on this:

The reason for this detuning is the transpose function (in my example). So what happen was, that I was in globals page 1 and was sitting on slot 1 (transpose) and then wanted to enter globals page 3, which requires to press "Bank Select/Inc" + Globals.

The moment you press Inc it actually changes the value from the selected globals parameter (in my case tranpose) and then changes to globals page 3.

So this is true for any parameter you are sitting in and where the INC button can still increase (you are not at max). Then you changing the parameter and do not even recognize it.

Safe procedure for now is: leave globals mode completely before entering globals page 3.

I wonder why they did not simply enter globals page 3 by pressing globals a third time... but that is another discussion.