Spread, Split and Filters

Spread, Split and Filters
« on: May 28, 2021, 09:01:18 AM »
Does anybody have a more detailed description of how exactly the Stereo signal path works in the Evolver?

I’m running the Right side into the Left Input (effectively filtering the Right side twice)
but I’m a bit stumped at how it actually works LOL

Where should the physical Cutoff setting be at (it does control BOTH filters?)

The Spread is confusing in conjunction with this setup.

Input set to Left Only Mono
and I’m using the Left Output as the Master Out.
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Re: Spread, Split and Filters
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Did you get it by now?

The Evolver is stereo!
And there are several ways to hear that clearly!
What you did there isn't, so you can only hear it in mono!

The Evolver has two separate filters,
one for the left and one for the right stereo channel!
They are initially in sync,
They can be separated by mod targets:
LeftLP/RightLP frequency and LeftLP/RightLP resonance
and "LP Split".

"Output Pan" affects the main output
The same with
"Output Spread" (with this you can also switch it to mono)
also works for the main output.

You need both L/R outputs or you'll miss a lot
from the essence of the Evolver!

Another tip:
Read the manual! ;-)