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Zero G Libraries and also broken piano sample sets

Zero G Libraries and also broken piano sample sets
« on: May 25, 2021, 09:43:48 AM »
Hello...i am putting 'baked' phrase samples into my machine as there seems little point in doing yet more home made
multisamples of synths. I own a lot of Zero g sample libraries (ie this is not about free material) and have been checking the more likely useful ones. Haunted Ground was not useful for some obvious reasons. The seeming best one is the Ian Boddy Odyssey Collection. I speed reviewed all the non percussion sets This had the advantage of not seeming to have loads of dead air on the end (unlike too many sample collections), having longish samples with some evolution in them to allow scope for modulating the sample parameters, and for some reason in Px Toolkit they automatically went on C3 when dragged in which is convenient for this kind of thing (unlike Haunted Ground). I presume there are copyright issues if you sell your machine with these in as you might be deemed to have violated the typical clause that samples should not be sold on in a collection. So I guess you have to remove such stuff if you sell the machine. I have not sworn off multisamples
and succumbed to yet more pianos as they are (so called)broken piano ones formerly free with Computer Music magazine. You can still get these at