Rev 2 firmware is it just me?


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Re: Rev 2 firmware is it just me?
« Reply #220 on: October 14, 2021, 11:21:39 AM »
Rev2:  The Calibration is Frozen!!!!

All - I hope you can assist. I recently downloaded the latest OS for my DSI Prophet Rev2 (, and calibrated the oscillators and filters per instructions. All seemed to move toward to completion without incident. The front panel controls returned to normal and I was able to use the synth.  All the presets sounded great, but when I wanted to start a new patch from scratch (going into manual mode now - transpose up/down + Hold), the sounds were more distorted and gritty. I couldn't quite clean them up. I powered everything down and called it a night. now that I have time to dig in two days later, I turned on the synth and experienced the same thing (grittier sounds in manual mode). Confident that the synth had warmed up sufficiently by this point, I attempted the Calibration again. The Calibration is Frozen! It has been stuck at Voice 1 / OSC1...10 / OSC2...2 for over two (2) hours now! I don't want to turn off the synth because per instructions we are not supposed to turn off the synth during this process.  Thought/help/suggestions welcomed!  Thank you!

If you haven't tried Razmos calibration routine, please do! If I'm not mistaken, it's these steps:

1. Turn on, and "warm up" your Rev2 for 20-30 minutes, by leaving it on.
2. Power cycle it. This means turning the Rev2 off for about 20-30 seconds, and then turning it on again.
3. Run the calibrations.

This method has worked for many, myself included.
Good luck!
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