Arpeggiator Hold / Sustain Pedal

Arpeggiator Hold / Sustain Pedal
« on: May 11, 2021, 12:55:56 PM »
Is anyone aware of a way to hold an arpeggio by using a sustain pedal? I had assumed the sustain input utilised the same function as the HOLD button but it doesn't seem so. Any ideas?

Re: Arpeggiator Hold / Sustain Pedal
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2022, 12:52:17 AM »
Whoever is programming the software for Sequential synths these days does not understand how the sustain pedal should work with an arpeggiator. It's just wrong every time, often in inconsistent (but always wrong) ways. I sold my Rev2 because of this (as well as its uninspiring sound IMO but that's a different discussion) - search Youtube for explanatory video I sent to Sequential tech support demonstrating and explaining the issue - and now have bought a Prophet 6 which sounds brilliant, but the sustain/arpeggiator behaviour is also wrong, in an even worse way. Now, the sustain pedal **sustains every note in the arpeggio!! So you just and up with dissonant mush. I've literally NEVER, in 30 years of being a synth specialist and dealer for almost every major brand (via DV247 in the UK) come across this implementation, and it's simply  wrong. whatever they think the sustain pedal should be doing with the arp. Unfortunately they won't listen/don't understand. It's incredibly frustrating, as it would be a relatively simple fix (or 'option' if they really insist that the current implementation is somehow right - it's literally unusable IMO) in software. Sequential support I have found offhand and arrogant in fact. Very disappointing flaw in such an otherwise great synth.

What it *should* do - and literally every other synth does - is when you press the pedal it holds the arpeggiator, and you can add notes etc, and then when you release the pedal, only notes which are being held down should continue to be arpeggiated. Pretty obvious, right?

Also, the 'Hold' function is wrong. At the moment it's like just holding the sustain pedal down and never releasing it, which is wrong and not how it should function. What should happen (and does on every properly programmed synth) is this: when Hold is active, it should hold the last note(s) played *together* - ie you can hold a note down and keep adding to the chord/arp until *all notes* on the keyboard are released, at which point this chord/arp is held, and then the next note(s) pressed will *reset* the hold to themselves. This is simple stuff and I can't believe they don't understand.