Rev3 filter setting - inverse saw wave! Interesting..


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Rev3 filter setting - inverse saw wave! Interesting..
« on: May 09, 2021, 02:41:44 PM »
Today is the first time I really looked at the difference in P10 Rev 1/2 and Rev 3 under oscilliscope and compared it to Prophet 6.  I had no idea the Rev 3 button actually impacted the wave form, or that Rev 3s were originally inverse saw waves?

This was suprising since I would have thought the P10 Rev3 setting and the P6 would be more closely related than Rev 1/2 and P6.

Also loaded up Repro 5 just to see which one it would do, and it was a regular saw but the saw wave looked very different than either synth.

Also lots more movement in the raw waveforms on the P10.
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