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MIDI controller mapping Prophet-6 to various Softsynths, for Reaper DAW

for anyone using u-he or TAL Softsynths:
I recently discovered that for Reaper users there is a fantastic free plugin called ReaLearn, which allows to create very comprehensive Controller and VST (Main) Mapping presets. I defined a set of standard parameters for analog synthesizers, and configured various presets based on those virtual parameters. So you can now control various Softsynths from your OB-6 or Prophet-6 (not tested, but should work - please give feedback) as well as Behringer X-Touch Mini (with Feedback to the LED rings) - without having to do any manual MIDI assignment.
See here:
and here

Update: I added mapping presets for Dexed (free FM softsynth).
These use the modulation buttons to select operator and then the 8 envelope knobs to change parameters.
Again, I only tested the OB-6 version, so please tell me if anything is wrong for the Prophet-6.