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Problem with default patch (impossible to save + osc1 showing C2# instead of C2)

I have a brand new REV 2 and I'm experiencing big issues with default patch.

First problem, it refuses to save the default patch I select.
I'm on the patch I want as default, I press Global, then Global again, but my REV2 doesn't save the correct patch.
Very often if I select U1P01, it will save U2P02. If I set U2P02 as default, it will recall U3P02, or U3P03. Usually something "near" the one I wanted but most of the time on the following bank.
Sometimes (very rarely) the save will work, but only for 1 or 2 starts. Eventually it will always be lost, and the synth will pick a random patch as default.

Second problem, the default patch will be recalled with oscillator 1 set at 1 semitone over the saved tuning. So unplayable without changing the tuning.
It only happens on oscillator 1.
If oscillator 1 is saved as C2, when I power the REV 2 it will be set at C2#.
If set at F1 in the saved patch, then it will be recalled at F1#.
Always 1 semitone over ...
It also happens on factory presets if I set one as default.

As soon as I change the program, the problem is gone. The REV2 works as should be, never one problem.
It's only happening on the default patch, and only occuring on the first patch when I power on the REV 2.
Let's say I set U1P01 as default. The next time I power up the REV2 U1P01 (if I'm lucky) will show up with Osc1 at C2# instead of C2.
If I go to U1P02, then come back to U1P01, then Osc 1 will be set at C2, as should be.

I've tried to reset global many many times, recalibrate, clear calibration, ... , nothing has helped.
I've even changed the main board this week, but the issues are still exactly the same.

Anybody has encountered those issues? Or one of those?
Any idea where can it come from?

Thanks a lot in advance !
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What OS on the Rev2? If you have updated from an older OS, have you run the calibration procedure afterwards?

I sounds like something software-related, I suspect something with the OS.
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Thanks for your answer !
The REV2 is brand new, so it was already updated when I've received it.
However I have made several calibrations, calibration reset and global reset with no improvement.

The strangest thing is that it seems that both of my problems are extremely rare, if not unique.


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Then I really think you should contact Sequential support!

They can probably help you solve the problem, and if not, return it in exchange for another one.
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Thanks for your answers and advices. I'm in contact with sequential support since the beginning of my problems, but it seems that what is occuring to me is very special. They have sent me a new main board, I've changed it, but my problems are still the same.
I might have to send it to them for repair.



I'd like to say that my Rev2 Desktop has the very same issue (about the default init patch recall). I've written to the support and have got a reply, in which they said that it was a strange issue and they hadn't heard about it before (I linked this topic to my email), recommended global reset and rewriting factory patches via Global Menu, but the issue is still there. Hopefully, it is a software problem.


thanks for the reply, I feel less alone.

Do you only have the problem of memorization of the start up patch, or also the wrong tuning recall for oscillator 1 on the start up patch?


No, fortunately the oscillators load normally. It's only the default patch issue. The reply from the support to me was similar to yours I was offered to send the board for a replacement. I really hope it's something that can be fixed virtually.

Thanks for the answer. Let's keep us updated if we find a solution. Peace