Pro2 cv in

Pro2 cv in
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I have been trying to control my pro 2 via cv in from my analog four ( elektron ) but i can't seem to have it work with Volt per octave, only gate and trig work... Can anyone help me? Do i have to setup the pro2 a certain way to received the cv in volt/oct?

Thanks for your help!

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You need to use the mod matrix.

For instance if you have CV C from the A4 (setup as V/Oct) connected to CV 2 of the Pro 2. Add the following modulation slot

Source  = CV Input 2
Amount = 64
Dest      = Osc All Freq

You will need to mess around with the tuning on the A4 CV page and also maybe with the CV 2 In Scale on the Pro 2.

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Thanks  :)

I had tried something similar before but it did not work… how do you come up with an amount of 64?

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Well originally I thought it was 127, then I tried it and 64 seemed to give 1V/Oct.

I had this working earlier with my A4 and the pro 2 using those settings. The tuning was slightly out over a few octaves so some playing about with the CV in scale on the Pro 2 is required to get it spot on but I didn't have the time to perfect it.

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Super! Thanks for your help.