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No midi input

No midi input
« on: April 17, 2021, 07:15:34 PM »
Hi folks. I'm playing with my new PX and trying to drive it with a midi track in Cubase. I'm sure that I have Cubase set up correctly since I can see midi out on my Motu Express ... on the correct channel. No results however. When I play the PX keyboard I can see midi input, again on the Motu Express. However, it appears that outputted midi from Cubase isn't making it into the PX. It's likely a global setting but which one?

These are my current settings for midi:

Midi channel: 4
Midi clock mode: off
Midi clock cable: midi
Midi param send: NRPN
Midi param receive: NRPN
Midi control: on
Midi program enable: on
Midi sysex cable: midi
Midi out select: midi


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