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OB~6 Distortion vs Prophet~6 Distortion


OB~6 Distortion vs Prophet~6 Distortion
« on: April 07, 2021, 04:23:57 AM »
I've noticed a difference between the way my OB~6 and Prophet~6 Distortion effect sounds. When applying distortion to an initial patch on each synth (with a simple filter env for musicality) I find that the Prophet~6 distortion sounds lifeless compared to the OB~6 distortion, which sounds like it's following the notes and much more musical.
My question is, are the OB~6 and Prophet~6 distortion circuits in the same spot in the synths? In which case I assume something is wrong with my Prophet~6 distortion. Anyone with both hearing the same thing?
Or are they just wired in differently?

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