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« on: April 04, 2021, 10:16:32 AM »
Hey all. Just bought a used Sequential Rev 2. Looks to be in perfect condition.

If the master is set up very high when using headphones I'm getting clipping/distortion on some programs, once turned down it goes away. Is this normal? Can the volume of the Master volume cause clipping on the output?

When I connect it to my USB interface and keep the signal low, no clipping occurs.

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Re: Clipping?
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Anyone? :)


Re: Clipping?
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Hey there since no one else is chiming in.. Yeh from my understanding the rev2 does suffer from clipping/distortion in some settings I think it is inherent to the synth and have to be worked with (careful settings) but yeh I hear it on things as well and yes for this synth it's normal

Re: Clipping?
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Thanks. Iíve found that you have to have it quite loud and to be really pushing it with a lot of voices with a lot going on to get it to clip. Itís probably too loud anyway and after 1 o clock it will clip, so the master volume must be part of the gain staging in that regard, like in a mixer.


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Re: Clipping?
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Perfectly normal. I remember someone from the Sequential team confirming this long ago on the forum.

Personally, I prefer turning down the Program volume in the misc menu instead, for those sounds that may risk clipping, and keep the main volume at full or close to it. That way, I can still have a single oscillator lead-sound cut through by maxing the program volume for that patch if needed, without having to fiddle with the master volume back and forth between patches.
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Re: Clipping?
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Ahh good thanks a lot.