external midi clock at midi in; how do I get it to the out port?

I have an Eventide Space pedal that is connected to the PRO 2 midi out, so that when I select a patch on the PRO 2, the proper preset is selected on the Space. I need the external midi clock to also reach the Space; right now the only way I've tried that works is to merge the external clock with the PRO 2 output using a Midi Solutions merge box, which works fine for this, but I'd like to simplify my setup if possible.
Is there any way to merge these in the PRO 2 itself, so that the external clock and the PRO 2 midi out both reach the Space? I've tried all the global settings with no success. I thought that the "slave thru" global setting would work for this, but it does not.
My other workaround would be to use my new MidiHub to create the merge, which I have not tried yet (but should do the trick, I think).


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Re: external midi clock at midi in; how do I get it to the out port?
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2021, 12:33:58 PM »
Use slave thru and merge the THRU and OUT ports together, or as you say, use a MIDI router of any kind to do the routing and merging for you. I am not aware of any slave option on a DSI that permits you to send slaved, incoming MIDI out the OUT port - normally that would cause a MIDI loop and it's not normal practice to do so - that's why merger boxes and routers exist.
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