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Soundtower PlugSE 1.0.3 PC , Unofficial bugfix for the filter envelope knob bug

Hi guys,

I made a patch for the latest 1.0.3. vst PC version.  (2017)

The filter envelopes will be bipolar, after you patching the dll file.

Download link:

1. Make a backup from your Pro 2 PlugSE.dll   !!!
2. Unzip the next to the Pro 2 PlugSE.dll  .
3. Execute the Pro2_PlugSE_patcher.exe. (the exe will modify the dll, so you will need write permissions in the containing folder)

That's all. The patch is free! Enjoy it!

If you find it useful, you can support me on paypal:

This bug 4 years old.
The fix would have taken 5 minutes for the developers with the source code.
I spent 1 day with it, without the source code.


The new version of PlugSE is out (2.2.1).
Of course it is still containing the bug, so I updated the patcher to v2.
Now it supports Pro2 PlugSE PC v1.0.3 and v2.2.1  dlls.

You can grab it from here.