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A trip down Depeche Mode lane....


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A trip down Depeche Mode lane....
« on: March 05, 2021, 07:07:36 PM »
Espen's channel is always fun, I recommend it.  This tour of Keyboard mag, circa 1986 has an article on Depeche Mode.

Interesting tidbits:
- Alan used a Korg Poly-800 on tour (budget analog synth) in addition to the Emulator II.
- Not much live tweaking of sounds going on, most things were pre-prepared (understandable.. mostly samples and tape anyway)
- There was an undercurrent that Fletch didn't contribute proportionately, but Alan is diplomatic :)

You can tell that Alan, in his role at the time, was sowing the seeds of disenchantment with regard to the disproportionate effort he was putting in compared to the rest of the band.  The fact that Martin and Fletch had nothing to say to Keyboard magazine (and used fear-of-endorsement-confusion as an cop out) says a lot about where their skills were from a technical standpoint at the time.  They were extremely lucky to have found Alan, both his musicianship and technical skills.....originally lucky to have Vince Clark and then later Alan, yet not able to retain either.  Martin is very talented in his own right and Dave's voice does not need to be promoted here, but the bottom line is that Alan was hugely responsible for DM's golden years.  They did make some good music even after his departure, but they should have righted the situation and kept him.
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