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Tetra Sequencer Slew Questions

Tetra Sequencer Slew Questions
« on: March 03, 2021, 09:29:03 PM »
I've been playing around with the Tetra sequencer and see what I can program with it.

My setup is:
- Track 1: Destination to OSC1 and OSC2 frequency (OscAllFreq)
- Track 2: Seq1 Slew
- Track 3: Off
- Track 4: Off

Some things I noticed:
- If I put rests in the first Track and have slew on the upcoming note, it will slew from a very high note down from the last note that was played before the Rests. Rest is value=127 internally so my suspicion is that it will just slew from the previous step and doesn't account for Rests. It's a pretty jarring thing and limits the usability.

- I get little bursts on the note attack: with the above setup every note played will have a little burst on the attack.
Not sure what it is, but it's only happening if the Slew track is present. If I play the exact same patch with the arpeggiator the notes are fine. My suspicion here is that it's an extremely fast (slew=0) slide. This is probably something with the Rests again, trying to glide from Rest=127 to the current note extremely fast?

I was trying to program some acid/bass lines and see how far I can take it but these two issues basically made OSC+Slew unusable.

Any tips or ideas what I could try?