Factory Presets Different from Factory

Factory Presets Different from Factory
« on: March 02, 2021, 12:22:17 AM »
Hey all.  In my manual I read that "As shipped from the factory, presets 000-499 are identical to 500-999."  However, I noticed that this is not the case!  I have never edited the presets, or added new ones, yet my user bank presets are entirely different than the permanent factory banks.

I do believe my synth was shipped directly from Sequential so I don't understand why my synth would have different presets on it 000 to 499 than 500-999.  It was brand new. 

Did yours have 1000 entirely different presets?  I am a bit confused... since the manual says they should be exactly the same presets in the user and permanent factory banks. 

But now I am wondering... is my synth brand new?  Could someone have put on a bunch of presets and then sent it back to Sequential, and now I am in possession of it?  Curious as to what your thoughts are.

For example, if I load patch 007 it sounds entirely different than 507.

Re: Factory Presets Different from Factory
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So it turns out that it was not patches 0-499 which were 'changed.'  It is actually the patches 500-999, incredibly. 

I wonder how that could have happened???

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Are you willing to share the new presets you have from 500-999?