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Prophet X + Prophet 10?

Prophet X + Prophet 10?
« on: February 27, 2021, 10:19:04 PM »
Thinking about pairing my PX with a P10 desktop for studio use (electronic/experimental). Do you guys think the two would happily co-exist? Iím using the PX for all synth duties right now, and wanted to add a P10 module for the simplicity factor, as well as the tone and wide sweet spot.

Good idea? Seems that the PX can make any sound really (especially with vintage VCO samples) so potentially there could be some redundancy. But perhaps the simplicity and classic tone of a P10 would pair well with the more complex and modern PX.

Would be also interested in hearing thoughts on whether a P10 would be the most sensible companion to the PX or if a P6 or OB6 may be suitable (from experience) too.

Re: Prophet X + Prophet 10?
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2021, 11:24:55 AM »
Had an OB6 keyboard, didn't like it at all. Bought a P6 keyboard, absolutely loved it. But several months later a deal on a vintage P5 rev3 came up and I had to sell the P6 to fund the P5. Owned the P5 for a few years but sold it because I got bored. It's a wonderful machine but I couldn't justify the cost/space as I found the VSTs did enough to replicate the sound. That said, it was always a pleasure to play and I can imagine the newer versions are even more so.

I don't think the PX treads on the territory too much as samples of the P5 don't express all of what you can do with the real machine via modulation/knob twisting etc. I think you could make that same argument with the P6 and OB6 as well.

My way forward was to buy a 16 voice rev2 desktop unit to get a bit of the one knob per function vintage thing but with all the modern capabilities of the rev2 ie mod matrix, sequencer. And of course for less than half the price of a P10 :-)

They're all fun toys. Buy the one that keeps popping into your head!