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Passing USB clock to midi out

Passing USB clock to midi out
« on: February 27, 2021, 11:29:26 AM »
P6 Module 1.6.6, Ableton Live 11, Hologram Electronics Microcosm.

So here's what I'm trying to do but cannot:
Ableton sends clock to P6 module over USB.
P6 Module sends that clock message via midi out to Hologram Microcosm so tempo is synced.

According to the Microcosm manual, when the pedal receives a midi start message, it will switch its clock to the external source, then on a stop message will resume its internal clock.

I CAN get the P6 module to send clock to the Microcosm when P6 globals exclude Ableton USB with globals set to:
Midi clock: out
Clock port: Mid
Midi Out: Mid

This sets the P6 module as the clock source but of course won't be in sync with Ableton.

If set to what I believe would configure it correctly, it does not work:
Midi clock: Slave Thru (so it receives and passes clock)
Clock port: USB (so it receives clock from Ableton)
Midi Out: Mid (so midi out is sent over midi not USB)

In this scenario the P6 syncs and receives clock from Ableton but does not send to the midi output, so the Microcosm does not sync.

I of course have cycled through many other variations of these settings both on the P6 and in Ableton to no avail. I am probably missing something, any ideas? Thank you.