OB-6 Module Locked by DAW

OB-6 Module Locked by DAW
« on: February 17, 2021, 07:16:21 PM »
My MIDI controllers are routed thru my DAW (Sonar Platinum).  Last night I finally got to audition my OB-6 module, and was blown away by its beauty - no problems.   Tonight I wanted to resume, but as soon as I open Sonar the OB-6 module freezes on whatever patch it was on before opening Sonar, and I can't change any patch or parameters on the OB-6.  When I push a a patch selection button, the patch number changes correctly, but nothing else - no other settings changes, and I can't change anything with the knobs.  I can't activate the arpeggiator.  It's like Sonar has locked every parameter except the patch number LEDs.  The sound from whatever patch was set prior to opening Sonar plays fine, no matter what buttons I push.  I'd swear that I have everything set up the same as last night when it all worked perfectly, but obviously something is different.  I don't know whether to feel stupid or upset.  I hope someone can help and make me feel stupid. Oh - I'm using OS 1.5.5.
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Re: OB-6 Module Locked by DAW
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Sonar user here.
At instantiation, Sonar sends "all local OFF" to any connected synth; some other DAW's do this too. This prevents MIDI feedback loops, and is usually good for hardware synths.
To get it back on the OB-6, hit the 2nd page of Globals, button 1 (local ctrl) and toggle it back ON. This will get your knobs back.
If you want to turn this feature off, you must edit the file TTSSEQ.ini
and manually add this into it:


then SAVE the file, restart Sonar.

Re: OB-6 Module Locked by DAW
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It works!  Thank you!  I don't know why it didn't happen last night - maybe I turned OB-6 on after Sonar opened...