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Is it normal behavior that in Paraphonic mode Ladder Filter to much distorted?

When you work in paraphonic mode and use the Ladder type lowpass, the signal saturates a lot and so that it does not sound saturated you have to lower it to almost 20%. With the Variable State Filter it does not saturate and if it does it is very subtle, in the other low pass filter there is also a slight saturation, especially when clipping. However, in the ladder filter the saturation level is scandalous and if you cut the frequencies it is already incredible.

Anyone knows if this are into the normal or by the contrary will be a failed?


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Have you tried a monophonic oscillator patch with all 3 oscillators, I'm curious if it's that much different. I do believe historically a Ladder filter will saturate quickly, compared to the OTA style which is a lot smoother.
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I think it's normal.  The ladder filter starts saturating when one single oscillator is at 50% volume, and I love that quality to it.  If you play a Moog Matriarch paraphonically it's also very saturated pretty quickly.