Evolver VS Waveforms

Evolver VS Waveforms
« on: February 02, 2021, 11:33:53 AM »
I made a chart of the Osc 3/4 VS-Waveforms.

The OSC3/4 Waveshapes 1 - 95 correspond to ROM (preset) Waveshapes 32 – 126 in the Prophet-VS.
These also corresponds to Arturias Prophet VS softsynth where most waveforms also have names (*).
Then I made this little chart where Evolver and corresponding VS-number and the name in the Arturia VS uses are  shown.

I've noticed the VS-waveforms in the Evolver are not really grouped together soundwise so I also added a column named "style" where I tried to group sounds that are similar using an arbitrary nomenclature of my own.
Hope this chart is useful. It's attached as a pdf.

* I don't know where Arturia got these names but they sound kind of old so maybe Sequential used them too?

Re: Evolver VS Waveforms
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You may also find the DSI Evolver Waveshape Charts on Carbon111's DSI Evolver Resource Page of interest as they also show the waveforms and harmonic spectra.

The names came from the Prophet VS. Some names were in the Prophet VS manual and the ROM. A little background is also in this old 2003 thread.
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Re: Evolver VS Waveforms
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Does anybody have the VS waveforms as PCM data? I'd like to use them for the Pro 3, but haven't had much luck tracking them down. I found a Morphagene reel, but it it's unorganized, to be charitable.
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