Serious Issue when turning on PLEASE HELP (Fixed)


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Serious Issue when turning on PLEASE HELP (Fixed)
« on: January 30, 2021, 11:27:00 AM »
I emailed support about this but I'd like to see if anyone here can help because I really need to fix this ASAP since I'm working on a big project with the Pro 3 as my centerpiece.

When I turn it on it makes the bleep sound and the wheels light up but no buttons light up, the screen doesn't work and no sounds comes out of it.

I'm pretty sure I have the latest OS or close to latest. It's power is coming out of a Monster Power 2500 at 120 voltage. I've tried multiple power cords to no avail.

Please!!! I really need this fixed. Yesterday it was working fine. I don't understand what's going wrong :(

EDIT: Fixed the problem!!! S/O to Gino Cortesi. For some reason when one of the OSC octave knobs is in between clicks, it freezes the whole machine when turned on.
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