Side chain effect ?

Side chain effect ?
« on: May 15, 2016, 10:23:59 AM »
I'm very interested in the pro 2, but I would like to know if it's possible to feed it (via the audio input for example) with a kick to make a side chain effect without any outboard compressors ?
Is there any tricks who can simulate the effect ?


Re: Side chain effect ?
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There is an envelope follower that can be used as a modulation source.

Re: Side chain effect ?
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Ok, I'm not familiar with analog synth. It would be my first.
Can I send some signal with ableton for example via the cv too? I really need to follow the drums patterns, not only drop on tempo. How should I proceed ? Should I create a muted side-chained sound to make it modulate the same way ? Nothing simpler ? Does the tempo sync thru USB works fine with the application ?

Thank you for your answer.

Re: Side chain effect ?
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I'm not really sure what you are after.

You can send midi clock to the P2 to set the tempo. This tempo then can be used to clock the sequencer and also tempo synced LFOs and delays.

You can use the audio in to trigger the envelope follower which you can use to say alter the amp amount to do pumping type compressor stuff. It can also generate gate signals and be used to clock the sequencer.

The CV inputs can also clock the sequencer and generate gates, or be used for modulation sources. You could send audio to the CV ins but really they are for CV signals. These can be generated by live if you have the correct gear, have a look here:

Maybe if you can explain exactly what you are trying to do we can choose the best bits to use.

Re: Side chain effect ?
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Thank you for your time,

basically I just want to find a solution to create a sidechain (pumping effect) in all sounds coming from the P2, without any additional hardware compressor. I could simply put the synth thru ableton to add the sidechain, but I try to save some ressources to obtain the less latency I can.

Sorry If I'm not very clear, I'm French  :-[.

Re: Side chain effect ?
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Ok, got you.

You can approximate compressor sidechain using the audio input and the envelope follower.

The envelope follower has a Trigger threshold for setting the loudness of the signal that will trigger the envelope and also allows you to alter the attack and release.

You then use a modulation slot and set the source to the envelope follower and the destination to the VCA (amplifier), you then tell it to use a negative strength to lower the volume based on the envelope which is triggered by your audio in.


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Re: Side chain effect ?
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Or you could tempo sync an LFO or looping envelope to your DAW (or other clock source) and use that to modulate the overall amplitude level to create a pumping effect in time with your music, kind of similar to how Xfer LFOTool does, i.e., not real sidechain, but a similar end result.