32-Step Sequences


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32-Step Sequences
« on: October 03, 2015, 09:02:26 AM »
I wanted to create a pattern that couldn't be represented in 16 steps, so I devised a simple technique to get some additional mileage out of the 16x4 sequencer.

I created a 32-step note pattern like this:
(1) Create a two-oscillator program
(2) Put the first half of the pattern in Sequencer 1, and assign it to Osc 1 Freq
(3) Put the second half of the pattern in Sequencer 2, and assign it to Osc 2 Freq
(4) Turn Osc Mix to 0
(5) Set up an LFO like this:

    * Shape: Square
    * Clock Sync on, then Frequency to 32 steps
    * Key Sync on
    * Route to Osc Mix with maximum amount

The idea here is that you're using the square LFO to "hide" one of the oscillators for half of the LFO cycle, and the other oscillator for the other half of the cycle.

This technique would be a lot more flexible if any part of a sequence could be a modulation destination, but it might be fun to do other sequencer-related things with this "double-wide" square LFO. More generally, a square LFO can be used as a "switch" for other modulation sources.
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