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best effects routing set ups

best effects routing set ups
« on: January 12, 2021, 08:24:33 AM »
Constructive preset settings for effects.

Making ones own presets has the advantage of making it possible to know
for sure how the effects are controlled outside of their own control panel.
I will offer mine that work for me in case any one finds them useful.
(i) i put the bit crush on a slider...that way you can 'tap' it in time to whatever
you want and that way possibly find this effect useful instead of just gee whiz decoration.
(ii) the other slider i put on some kind of drive or gain

(iii) i am using my modwheel mainly to cross fade between the effects. At present I typically
put a 100 to 0 per cent delay in the mod matrix and invert that for the reverb so at the middle
you have 50 per cent reverb and 5o per cent reverb and so on. It is helpful to find a combination setting better than twiddling both knobs concurrently for the 2 effect. I just got a Noation Summit which is just below my Prophet X on the stand and that has me thinking that it might be better
for some uses to not go all the way to 100 as that has such a bombastic reverb at full on.

ps i think the prophet x effects are per se not great and a bit generic (and i would rather have an alesis ineko built into the panel of every keyboard) but used properly they can be very helpful.
The biggest pain is the scaling of numbers on the screen as you have to do back calculations in your brain to what is a percentage roughly.