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Sources of "Distortion" on Pro 2 patches...

Sources of "Distortion" on Pro 2 patches...
« on: January 10, 2021, 05:46:04 PM »
Hi everyone,

Still happily exploring my Pro2 6 months since owning...there's lots to discover! 
One thing I am noticing: some of the factory patches have an overdriven, distorted, or grainy quality to them.  I am learning about "patching" by looking through some of the parameters of a given patch, and altering them. 

Is there a list of parameters that make a patch "overdriven"?  I have so far found:

- Oscillator Output Level
- Distortion knob
- Feedback Amount knob
- Character effects (Decimate/Drive/Hack)
- Filter Boost
- Girth(?)

...are there other sources I might be missing?  I assume that some of the waveforms are distorted sounding (Buzzz, Super Buzzz) but I have yet to experiment with them.

When I find these "grainy" or overdriven patches, I'd like to try to dissect them to find their sources of drive.

Any additional ideas or parameters I might be missing would help, so I know where to start searching for them.   Thanks in advance!