Chord Mode Questions

Chord Mode Questions
« on: January 10, 2021, 03:30:47 PM »
I checked to see if this had been mentioned before, but I didnít see any old threads about this specific topic, so here goes.

Iím trying to make chord memory handle the lowest note of a memorized chord.

Thereís a chord Iíd like to play where the lowest note extends just off the keybed. So Iíd like chord memory to step in and play the lower note that I am not physically able to play.

However, it seems chord memory always wants to play the higher.

The manual says:

ďIf low-note priority is chosen in the Global settings, the note you play corresponds to the lowest note of the chord voicing. Changing the Key Assign Mode to high-note priority will make the note that you play correspond to the highest note in the chord voicing.Ē

If I understand this correctly, to achieve what I am after, the OB would need to be set to high-note priority, and then chord memory will play the lowest note of that chord. Right?

However, in this setting, chord memory still plays the note above my key press.

In fact, I can hear no discernible difference in the chord at all, no matter which ďkey modeĒ the memorized chord is either set in, or played in. The voicing is always above my key press. Never below.

Anyone out there in Sequential-land know if what Iím trying to do is possible? Or if something about how Iím setting this up is wrong? It seems like the synth is not responding the way the manual is suggesting, but maybe Iím just misunderstanding. Wouldnít be the first time.

For reference, I just updated to the newest OS. Side note: having the new Prophetís Vintage Mode available in the OB is absolutely fantastic. Thanks Sequential!

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