PEK start up issue

PEK start up issue
« on: December 27, 2020, 11:53:17 PM »
Hi Everyone
Just registered & 1st post on the forum (indeed any forum anywhere).
I have a PEK, Not used much. Got the PE upgrade kit a few years ago (which is great) & used it on an album in 2016, but not used it since.
When I switch it on now, it displays a sequencer pattern that goes from step 1 through to step 87 & gradually slows down over time, and I cant really use it until this sequence finishes which takes well over a minute. I cant see anything in the manual on resetting or initializing to factory settings. I have the original adaptor, and it works as normal after this.
I have uploaded a short video to youtube showing this (Poor quality, but its only really just to illustrate the issue).

Has anyone had this before or know how to stop it?
Any help would be appreciated.

I was thinking of selling it to put funds towards a P5 rev 4, so was testing it was all working OK, but as has happened before, I have now changed my mind and I am keeping it. (A little voice at the back of my head always says 'DON'T SELL THE PEK!!!)


Re: PEK start up issue
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Yes this does Not look like anything my PEK ever did.  I would contact support and send them link to this video as well.
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Re: PEK start up issue
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try moving Encoder or Pot 8 a few times, eventually it work ok again.

Hope this helps, otherwise support will help you.