Time value: envelope & effect

Time value: envelope & effect
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On the Pro 3, the values visible on the attached photo are "digital" and not "temporal"

The time values of effects and envelopes are set this way.

How to interpret these numerical values in time?

For example:

Release = 127. What time is 127?

On the reverb, the time value is represented by a numerical value and not a time value. see picture 2
How to interpret it in time value?

Thank you for your attention.


Sur le Pro 3, les valeurs visibles sur la photo ci-jointe sont "numériques" est non "temporelles"

Les valeurs de temps des effets et des enveloppes sont établies ainsi.

Comment interpréter ces valeurs numérique en temps ?

Par exemple:

Relâchement = 127. Quel temps représente 127 ?

Merci de votre attention.
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Re: Time value: envelope & effect
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First of all: I don’t know! They’re using a common synth standard of 0-127 for the values but I don’t think there is documentation of the time value that’s mapped to each numerical value from 0 to 127. If you do find it be sure to post it in this thread!



Re: Time value: envelope & effect
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Was actually just wondering about this myself yesterday evening when messing about with the fx...

The numbers mean absolutely nothing ...it would be nice to hear from sequential on this!
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