Advise needed : Mopho

Advise needed : Mopho
« on: December 01, 2020, 02:12:46 PM »

I'm new here.
I have the possibility to purchase a used Mopho for about $190USD.
I'm looking for a monophonic synth for bass type sounds.
I have read a lot of criticized concerning the ease of your of the Mopho without an editor and the stability/price of certain editors. However, much of what I have read is about 10yrs old so I don't know if it is still relevant.
However, I have heard many comparaisons of this unit with products such as the Moog Monitaur and Bass Station 2 and it seems to hold it own!

It is a good purchase or should I be looking at a more recent product ?

Do any good editors exist and do the editors enable realtime sound design (parameter change) or is the Mopho limited to a load/scan patch design process ? I cannot seem to find good information on this and the SoundTower website doesn't inspire confiance in their product!




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Re: Advise needed : Mopho
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You should totally jump on a Mopho at that price, it's a good buy.

It's really not that bad to edit with the front panel. But I came of age editing sounds on a TX81Z, so I probably have the bar set pretty low.

It responds to NRPN controller messages for real-time modification.
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