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Extended MIDI Controller Mapping OB6 --> Reaper --> FM8

Extended MIDI Controller Mapping OB6 --> Reaper --> FM8
« on: November 19, 2020, 12:46:45 PM »
Due to the release of the Korg opsix, I was motivated to create yet another MIDI controller mapping, this time from OB6 to FM8, with extended features provided by a Reaper JSFX script.

Using the Reaper script, it is possible to work with more of the OB6's controls (more NRPNs defined than CCs), and the Arp Range selector can be used to switch between controlling Operator Pairs A+B, C+D, or E+F.

How to use it?
- You need the Reaper DAW. If you do not have it: it is good value, and there is a 30-day demo version available
- Obviously, you need to add FM8 to a Reaper track
- In FM8, on the Master page, call up the "Load" function of the MIDI Controller Assignment (right side) with the .f8c file that is in the attached zip file
- Put the OB6 FM8 MIDI Mapper file (also in the zip file) in Reaper's Effects folder. To find it, use Reaper's menu: Options / Show Reaper Resource path.
- In Reaper, add the Mapper JSFX before the FM8 plugin ("Add FX to Track", Subfolder JS, use Filter for "FM8")
- Switch the OB6 to transmit the controller values as NRPN instead of CCs (Globals / Param Xmit)

The zip file contains also an RTF document that explains which knob is mapped to which parameter.

Note regarding the Prophet-6: It should be relatively simple to get the script working for the Prophet-6 as well, as most of the NRPN values should be identical (and the script does not contain any complex logic, unlike my u-he MIDI mappers).