Sync issue with the AS-1


Sync issue with the AS-1
« on: November 13, 2020, 03:20:14 AM »
Just wanted to share that I'm another AS-1 user who has the same beat / clock sync issue with the AS-1 that several others have reported.  I've tried matching a sequence or arpeggio several different times with my Tempest and all of my other DSI units and the AS-1 never latches on or stays in sync.  If you do manage to get it clocked in, it will soon drift out of sync after a few seconds.  It's always just like .5 or 1 BPM off.  It's really unfortunate because the AS-1 sounds so amazing and is very fun to use.  Several other users have mentioned having the same problem.  ...doesn't matter whether you slave the clock from another synth or drum machine, or use the AS-1 as the master clock.  I still have fun using it and added a Pro One patchbank from Inhalt, but still bummed out that I can't use it in a live session with my other gear.
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