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Weird Hold functionality and more

Weird Hold functionality and more
« on: November 09, 2020, 08:28:28 AM »
Hi guys, I'm a new rev2 user, but not new to synthesis world:)
I own a Nord stage 3 and a Moog subsequent 37 and couldn't be happier about my new Prophet rev2. Truly, it sounds amazing. Great both for the studio and for the stage.

There are some unclear things about Hold function which I'd like to clarify.

1) I'm trying to save a program with the hold option on. Every time after I save the program with the hold button on, the hold button gets turned off. It seems to me that you can't save a program with the hold  button on, is this correct?
2) I'm trying to use pedal sustain (which triggers the HOLD button actually) for a split program with layer a and b, but the pedal only affects one layer.
It seems to me that this could be achieved only when the layer b button is flashing (this "double edit" mode), and it cannot be saved within the program as a built in function.
Does anyone know how it can be done?
This is super critical for live situations.

Another small issue is about the sequencer.
 I can't get it to initialize.
In a program that already has an existing sequence, as I press record and play, it just adds the notes to the current sequence, and not starting a new one.

I'll be thankfull for any answers  🙏