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Prophet 5 / Prophet 10 Hardware Tweak for Low Serial Number Units

We have identified an issue with early production Prophet 5/10 units which results in attenuated high frequency output from the instrument. Dave's person response is listed below. If your unit falls within this serial number range, please contact us at and we'll assist you in rectifying this as quickly/painlessly as possible.

"As some users have noticed, there is a drop in high frequencies on the current units in the field. I checked into it yesterday, and Iím highly embarrassed to say that we screwed up. Short story is there are some capacitors that were not meant to be installed, but did in fact get installed, causing the frequency drop.

A fair question would be 'how did we not notice this?' This turns out to be due to my ears lacking any high end; too many Yardbirds, Who, Cream etc. concerts in the 60ís Ď60s. I picked up serial #1 on October 1st, and it sounded great to me! Since then, weíve shipped every unit weíve made since because we have a huge backlog. And, with everyone working at home due to the pandemic, no one else played a production unit except me.

Those are just excuses; the real issue is that units in the field need to be corrected. Fortunately, itís a fairly easy mod if you have access to a soldering iron, or a service center nearby. Two capacitors need to be removed; thatís it.

We will happily swap boards if that is preferred, or swap entire units. We will do whatever is required to make things right.

This affects serial numbers 1 to 195 on Prophet 5s, and 1 to 159 on Prophet 10s.
I owe everyone a deep apology for this; itís not how we normally work, and Iím really sorry this fell through the cracks. Thank you for your understanding.

-Dave Smith"
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