Swapping my Pro 2 (plus some cash...) for a PX - considerations

Swapping my Pro 2 (plus some cash...) for a PX - considerations
« on: October 12, 2020, 02:29:49 AM »
Hi all, I'm looking for thoughts on the PX.

I have P6 desktop and a Pro 2, both of which I love, but in reality, day to day I use the 6 a lot more for bread and butter synth stuff, and the Pro 2 when I have some time to really go in and create things.

The reasons I've been pondering a PX, are somewhat due to live music (feels odd to be talking about that in 2020 in the UK HA!) - I recently had a gig where it was just the usual piano, rhodes type gig, and I don't have anything that does just that. Usually I'm bringing a controller, laptop and interface, which in general I'm fine to do, but it does make things more faffy, takes up more stage room and gives more options for things to go wrong. I ended up borrowing a Nord from a friend which did the job well, but started considering getting something that could cover that, as well as synth design bits.

Ideally if I had a larger cash supply/more space, I'd go a get something like that as well - but am in a one in one out mode with gear currently.

I love the Pro 2, and would be sad to see it go for certain, but feel that the PX isn't too far away from it in terms of functionality. I'd miss the great sequencer, tuned feedback, audio in, over-the-top modulation options, and oddly or not, the limitations of the paraphonic workmode.
The 2 vs 4 oscillator thing doesn't really matter as I could essentially load two sampled synth oscillators in the sample section. Whilst the 4 delays on the Pro 2 are useful, the effect section on the PX would make up for this, plus I have a strymon volante to provide extra/better delay things.
The filter section is where I stumble a little - Having the two separate filters on the Pro 2 and the ability to split them between oscs, doing the series/parallel/blend stuff is awesome, and a big part of the tone shaping side. I've noticed that the effects section in the PX contains a HPF which helps a little.

On the other side, I'm definitely excited by the sample mangling elements of the PX, though admittedly haven't watched any videos that do what I'd want to try with it (off the top of my end, random LFO to sample start point/position, that could have amount assigned to the ribbon) - but I can see the possibilities. Now that there seem to be some good third party options for importing your own samples too, I could see myself getting lost in the possibilities.

I guess I'd be interested to hear from people who own both, or have owned both. If anyone has done the same thing.
Does anyone here use the PX as a piano/rhodes gigging instrument also? The 32 voice paraphonic mode seems like that would add some usefulness!