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Sound Editor software

Sound Editor software
« on: October 10, 2020, 11:55:20 AM »
Hi all,

I'm new to the Evolver (but not synthesis) and am seeking some guidance on getting started. I'm new to hardware synths.

I use an EWI (wind controller) as my MIDI controller. I downloaded the Evolver Sound Editor software as well. And of course the manuals for each of these and the definitive guide by Anu Kirk. I'm making my way through the manuals (I'm a manual guy, I'll admit it!)

A few questions...

Is it possible to test patches out using my EWI while tweaking things with the Sound Editor software? The way I see it is either the Evolver is hooked up to the computer via a MIDI interface or the EWI is connected to the Evolver, but not both. Is that right? Is my only option to hook up the EWI and do everything on the Evolver?

I have some patches I'd like to put onto the Evolver. Can I do this via the Sound Editor program or does it need to go via Sysex Librarian (i'm on a mac) Does it matter?

Is it possible to export a patch list via the Sound Editor so I can print it out. I just want to make some notes and it would be nice to have the patch names etc printed out.

Any other things I should know as I work through my first hardware synth?

Thanks for any help!

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