Anchorman (preset 030) voice differences


Anchorman (preset 030) voice differences
« on: October 08, 2020, 03:33:27 PM »

Just tried this preset on my recently acquired OB-6, and it seems two of the voice behave differently to the others.
I've not fully explored the settings, but it seems it syncs VCO 1 to 2, bends the VCO1 pitch with envelope X-mod, but we're only listening to the sub osc.

When playing this patch 2 of the 6 voices will do a sort of octave jump down after a short delay when holding the key, the rest don't do this. Callibrating makes no change, always just 2 voices doing this. Should they all do it? Or none?

If I turn the X-mod off, 4 voices make no sound, and these 2 we hear the sub osc make a note.

Anyone have any similar issues with this preset?



Re: Anchorman (preset 030) voice differences
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Ok so I found some similar issues reported here (apologies my first search didn't pick it up) across a number of patches:,491.msg5480.html#msg5480

Something about sync and sub-osc doing strange things, with varying numbers of voices being different to others - mine has been 2 so far.

EDIT: ok now found discussion on GS about this on P6 with input from Sequential, so I'm guessing the same applies to the OB-6. So it is expected behaviour perhaps - but seems odd that voice octave differences appear when playing the same note cycling around the voice cards, and directly after callibration and detune at minimum, so the synth is trying to get every osc to be a tight as possible. Is there a way to try to get voices to be more consistent?
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