MFB Tanzbär kit?!

MFB Tanzbär kit?!
« on: October 06, 2020, 07:20:03 PM »
Hi folks. I had a Tanzbär awhile back and I LOVED the sound. I started trying to make a Tempest kit to mimic it, but got sidetracked, and I had to sell it.

One of the kicks was really easy, and I got it spot on. I was even able to get the Tanzbär knob params mirrored in FX 1-4 to get almost the exact control over the sound the Tanzbär has.

So my question to you is: has anyone made a good Tanzbär Tempest kit? And if not, is this a community project folks with Tanzbärs would be interested in working on together?

It might be a bit much without having one in front of me, but if someone was willing to work with me and send me samples of a bunch of representative knob variations per sound, I could work on it myself too :-)
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