Poly Evolver unusual behaviour

Poly Evolver unusual behaviour
« on: October 02, 2020, 03:30:46 PM »
Hi there,

Someone local-is to me is selling a Poly Evolver at a really great price, but has stated there's an 'issue' with one of the oscillators.

I was wondering if anyone here can advise if this is repairable and something I could do myself (I have basic electronics knowledge).

Here's what the seller had to say:
"it seems to me that either one or two of the 4 voices have oscillators that are not performing correctly or at all. Hence I’ll turn a knob to edit a value for that particular voice and although the encoder is clearly working, the sound doesn’t change as you’d expect, its value stays the same or has very little effect."

"Every led lights up and blinks correctly, including the pitch/modulation backlights, arpeggio tempo indicator and oscillator bank selectors. They all engage their correct ‘mode’ colours as well, and the screen indicates patches and parameters correctly. When an infinity encoder is engaged the display shows the changes in value etc but in some cases it doesn’t change the sound as it should, making me think it’s an osc issue."

I would love a PE...it's been something I've been after for a long time! If I can get one cheaper than usual then even better!

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Re: Poly Evolver unusual behaviour
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Even the PE Evolvers can have erratic detented knobs: you turn the parameter and the changes do not reflect the amount that you've turned the parameter.  Also, the sort of behavior you've described can happen when you've pressed the "Compare" button and are using the panel.  It's hard to know exactly what the cause is without having the instrument at hand.

If no one else here has a solution, I would contact support and ask if you could send in the Evolver's boards for a repair, or if they could guide you in doing it yourself.

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Re: Poly Evolver unusual behaviour
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2020, 09:10:43 AM »
I still have a bad encoder on OSC 2 that skips and sometimes doesn't cause the digits to move much.  But keep in mind, when you engaged a parameter via encoder, whatever the the parameter in the master window is displayed can be controlled by that soft encoder next to the display window.  Usually I don't need to worry about the faulty encoder as I use the editor anyway.

I replace the Osc 1 encoder myself several years ago.  DSI sent me two new encoders and some directions how to replace.   Access to the board was straightforward enough, but it was a very delicate soldering procedure and I was amazed I pulled it off  :o 

naivemelody, I would definitely buy it if it was a good price as you say and and just send it for a repair.
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