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Weirdness with Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 and MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru

Hi folks,

I'm slowly learning my way around my new OB-6, but have experienced some very weird behaviour when connected to my Scarlett 6i6, especially with MIDI In coming via the Quadra Thru. Has anyone else had problems with these devices and the OB?

A few examples:

1. Yesterday, I had both MIDI IN and OUT connected to the Scarlett and the OB was reduced to only 3-note polyphony. Also, playing a patch with the Arp switched on, just didn't behave correctly. You could "add" notes to the arp, but if you then lifted one finger, the arp pattern would stop playing. Luckily, when I pulled the cables, it all returned to normal.

2. Last week, I was trying to sequence the OB from Ableton, so had the Scarlett running through the Quadra Thru to OB MIDI IN. Rather than playing the track, the OB just played random notes and puked up green vomit, LOL. I don't even think I had a MIDI Out cable connected, that time, so just incoming MIDI.

I have to admit I didn't write down exactly what Global settings I had at the time, but I think I turned OFF all Param settings and just had MIDI Control on.