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Tetra (Mopho) NRPN Assign Knobs Editor for Liine Lemur

Tetra (Mopho) NRPN Assign Knobs Editor for Liine Lemur
« on: August 28, 2020, 07:35:59 AM »
Hi all! 

I just posted a mini "knob assign" editor for the Tetra (it should work with the Mopho too) in Liine Lemur format.  I wanted to use the Tetra knobs to edit and test programs.

 The idea came from the Prophet 12 module.  Tap a pad and the four Assignable Parameter knobs are re-assigned to a group of parameters (oscillator, filter, lfo, matrix, etc.).  A 2 octave adjustable keyboard with fixed velocity, pitch ribbon and modulation is also included.

The Soundtower (available in US again) and Soundquest editors are great, I just wanted a simple tool that runs on my iPhone so I don't have to carry a computer or an iPad to a gig.  I also wanted to be portable - I wanted program the Tetra using my iPad in my living room without an external keyboard or computer.  I even power the Tetra with 10 AA batteries, but that's another post.

Use Global MIDI channel 1
Use Global receive parameter as NRPN
Send Lemur out Midi 0 to USB Tetra in.

To assign Oscillator 1 Fine Tune to Knob 2, send NRPNS in this order:

B0 99 0
B0 98 106 (Assign Knob 2)
B0 06 0
B0 38 1 (to Osc1 Fine Tune)

Here is the link.  If you invested in Lemur please comment to improve.

Thank you,
Sam in NJ USA

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Re: Tetra (Mopho) NRPN Assign Knobs Editor for Liine Lemur
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2020, 11:03:00 AM »
Here are clearer nrpn strings:

with decimals

0xB0 decimal 99 decimal 0
0xB0 decimal 98 decimal 106
0xB0 decimal 06 decimal 0
0xB0 decimal 38 decimal 1

in hex

0xB0 0x63 0x00
0xB0 0x62 0x6A
0xB0 0x06 0x00
0xB0 0x26 0x01