Revert FTW!

Revert FTW!
« on: August 24, 2020, 10:16:42 AM »
I'm really enjoying editing patches on the Pro 3, and there are several unique features that contribute to this.

I love the compare button.
The show button has really grown on me too for dissecting patches.   

And most of all I discovered last night that Revert works on individual knobs / params.
That is really cool! I typically explore a param to see how it effects the patch, and it's such a great feature to be able to roll just one of them back, and of course revert everything when needed.

Sequence Lock is really fun to explore.
Tons of slots for custom programs (512 is a lot IMO).

I also like the way the write menu works where you can store a patch anywhere in the user banks.

Anyway quick shout out and kudos as it's my first DSI / Sequential synth... you can feel the many years of tuning the editing experience. It's a really nice workflow!

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