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Feature Request: make the Init Patch Sequence a generic pattern instead.

While I appreciate the attempts to show off their sequencing prowess, I find the Initialize Patch Sequencer to be really distracting and off putting, reminding me of a circus melody. Plus it means having extra few steps to take to remove all the notes every time i want to start from scratch. 

Could we please make the Init Patch Sequence into something more generic at least?  Maybe 16th notes of C2? or have nothing at all.  It is supposed to be an initialize patch anyway, right?

I realize that i could make a default init patch and scroll to load that up everytime, but doesn't that defeat the function of an initialize function? Blank should be blank. 

or is everyone else happy with the sequence the init patch gives and it's just me complaining?

Sometimes I‘ll forget if I’ve stored a sequence for a program, hit Play and think “That doesn’t sound like something I’d do....”

So yeah, blank or C2s.

I agree with this, blank would be better.

Even better would be the ability to set an init program.


Re: Feature Request: make the Init Patch Sequence a generic pattern instead.
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2020, 12:47:41 AM »
This would be AMAZING! I find myself not even wanting to use the sequencer because of the added time resetting it takes. This process really breaks my creative flow.


+1 for this. It is very annoying to have to clear the sequencer every time for the init patch. Please allow us to choose a custom init patch or include an actual init patch that is clear of any sequencer data. Thanks!
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Why not make your own and copy-paste it across? Takes about 5 minutes depending on how deep you wanna set things up.

Edit: I've attached my blank sequence init patch if anyone fancies it.
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