Assigning mod wheel to Envelope Amount

Assigning mod wheel to Envelope Amount
« on: July 28, 2020, 05:08:10 AM »
Hi there

Apologies for the very noob question!!

On the Sequential PRO 3 can you assign the amount of an envelope, e.g. Aux 1 to the mod wheel and so control the envelope in real-time using the wheel?

Really simple example:

- You want to assign AUX 1 to the course pitch of OSC 1 but you want to control the amount via the mod wheel. So nothing should happen until you start moving the wheel forward at which point it should start affecting the pitch inline with the Aux 1 envelope settings.

I've tried this but.cannot get it to work!!!!

Can anyone help please?

Seems so simple a thing



Re: Assigning mod wheel to Envelope Amount
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First and foremost, if you don't want the vibrato on the mod wheel while doing this either turn Mod 2 (ModWheel to LFO1 Amount) all the way to zero or scroll either or both the source and destination knobs above the screen all the way down to turn that modulation off.  If you still want the vibrato, but don't want it to be as dramatic, just turn the amount of modulation down.

To get the routing you want, you initially want to route Aux 1 to Osc 1 Coarse Frequency, but leave the amount set to zero.  As expected, this in and of itself makes no difference.

The second routing you have to do is to go into the mod matrix to route the ModWheel to Aux 1 amount.  The shortcut to do this is to hold down "Source" and move the Mod Wheel, and then hold down "Destination" and turn the "Amount" knob on the Aux Envelope controls while the Aux envelope is set to envelope 1.  This has the desired effect of the mod wheel turning up the amount of the aux envelope routed to oscillator 1 coarse pitch.

Re: Assigning mod wheel to Envelope Amount
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Thanks for your reply

Yes. This is what I tried but when I move the wheel I get nothing.

I have attached a photo of the modulation setup  which I think is how you've described it. 

Have you tried this yourself ? Can you actually get it to work? Wondering if this is an issue.

I have the latest OS installed


Re: Assigning mod wheel to Envelope Amount
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So it seems there is an "Aux 1 Dest" tab on the envelope itself. If it set that to pitch of OSC 1 and leave the setup in modulation matrix as per my last post then I it does work, i.e. mod wheel is now controlling the Envelope Amt and therefore pitch.

But it seems the routing in matrix that maps Aux 1 to OSC isn't have to set it using the "Aux 1 Dest" setting on the envelope itself.....


Re: Assigning mod wheel to Envelope Amount
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Hello Again

ok...just in case people out there trying to figure this out or those I have completely confused!  ;D

Modulation routing should be:

Mod 2:
Source -> Env Aux 1
Dest -> OSC 1 Course Freq
Amount -> 0

Mod 3
Source -> Mod Wheel
Dest -> Mod 2 Amt
Amount -> 127

So the bit I was missing was in the 2nd mapping above. I didn't realise I could reference a Mod within the matrix in this case I had to reference "Mod 2" which is the routing that maps Env Aux 1 to OSC 1.

All works now.